Ohrid - Macedonia's main tourist center

Home to narrow, cobbled streets and medieval architecture, a visit to Ohrid may seem like a trip back in time. However, in order to be affected by huge waves of tourists from all over the world, it has to offer something much more, namely beautiful beaches, parties and sights.

Ohrid is a holiday paradise, with glittering beaches, spectacular views and a wealth of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine – all available on a budget.

History of Ohrid

Called the "Jerusalem of the Balkans", Ohrid is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and was once considered the epicenter of religion and Slavic culture. Its history is evident in every building that marks the old part of the city. However, it is Lake Ohrid that makes the city a unique historical artifact. At three million years old, it stands as one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe, and gives Ohrid the prestige of being named as a cultural and natural world heritage protected by UNESCO. Every tourist would do well to know at least part of the meaning of this "miracle of nature".

Tourist offer

​As one of the most famous tourist centers in Macedonia, Ohrid with its beautiful lake attracts a large number of tourists who are spread out on all the beaches of the coast, and luckily there are plenty of them. All this supplemented by huge offers for paragliding, hiking, cycling and a number of other activities that you can take advantage of and make it a dream vacation. Of course, depending on the date you visit Ohrid, you can also witness the biggest event in those areas, which is the Ohrid Swimming Marathon, which becomes a tradition without which Ohrid would not be recognizable.

Accommodation Ohrid

The accommodation facilities in Ohrid have always been a specific part, but also recognizable for the city itself. Right from the entrance to the city all the way to the coast, you will notice a large number of signs and inscriptions of the type,,apartments Ohrid", ,,Ohrid rooms” or the famous "Dan needs a place to stay" that can be heard from every alley throughout Ohrid, mostly in the summer.

For those who want to secure their accommodation before arriving in the city, there are several services where "hosts" advertise their accommodation facilities, such as Pazar3, where you can browse the current offers for "accommodation".

Finally, we would like you to personally and personally experience the life and beauty of this city because you will certainly not remain indifferent to all the minutes and seconds spent in Ohrid.

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