Ohrid will shine for the New Year's Eve

Photo: MIA

Ohrid will be decorated for the New Year's holidays, and the organized reception on the City Square will not be missed either, informs the mayor Kiril Petsakov.

According to him, Ohrid is a tourist city and will not tolerate the decoration, nor the New Year's party that will be enjoyed by Ohrid residents and tourists, even though it is against the government's decision to save electricity.

Ohrid is a tourist center. I hope that their decisions that they make and change from today to evening, unrelated to the energy crisis, will start to be respected. And, I will say again, Ohrid is a tourist center, which will be visited by a huge number of tourists and of course the city will not suffer, says Petsakov.

Public lighting, he reminded, is a private partnership concluded in 2014/2015 and is managed by a private company.

They have a special contract for the purchase of electricity so that the Municipality will not have any financial implications, the mayor emphasized.

The financial construction for the New Year's celebration and the organized party for the next day, on January 1, was similar to last year, that is, around 12.000 euros.

The decoration will be similar to last year, when for this purpose, the Municipality allocated about 12.000 euros, which includes stages and the costs of a three-day celebration. This year it will not only be for New Year's Eve, but also the next day. The budget will be the same, and the program has not yet been finalized, Petsakov pointed out.

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