Huge interest in Olivera Balasevic's monofair in MNT

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According to the information obtained Free Press, on the eve of the visit of Olivera Balasevic in Skopje, with the monocycle "The Last Name of the Rose" in Macedonian National Theater on March 15, there is huge interest.

A large part of the capacity for the Macedonian premiere is already sold out, and for the rest, the audience is constantly calling MNT to reserve a ticket, which will take them on a wonderful nostalgic trip to the past.

Photo: Promo

Without a doubt, the tickets for the show will be sold out long before the arrival of Mrs. Balasevic in Skopje, where Olivera, after performing her monotale, will present the novel "Planeta dvorishte", according to which motives this monodrama was born.

- The book "Planeta Dvorište" and the monotale "The Surname of the Rose" have a point of interweaving, moments of connection and closeness, but each of them has its own independent existence. Somewhere in time, as well as in my imagination, they met, waved at each other, and continued, each in their own way - said Olivera recently, in an exclusive Christmas interview for "Sloboden Pechat".

Photo: Promo

Her first novel "Planeta dvorishte", as stated in one review, is one of the modern novels, which answers the question of how such a novel should be read, and with its content it proves and shows two elementary things - what kind of authors are considered today for the best quality and how to experience what you read. Meša Selimović once said that one cannot write at all if a person does not have two qualities - if he is not extremely ambitious or if he has not experienced severe suffering and has the need to confess and project into the space that he is most obsessed with.

Olivera Savić-Balashević could perhaps be called ambitious in the mildest possible form, and her ambition is as great as her desire (and patience) to save her childhood and everything that made it up on paper from oblivion and short conclusions drawn from the usual places, creating a kind of "biography of memories and feelings".

Undoubtedly, the Macedonian audience will get the best of Olivera Balasevic on March 15 at the Macedonian National Theater, where, for the first time in front of our audience, she will perform the mono-tale "The Last Name of the Rose".

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