Limited margins of flour, oil, sugar, salt in Montenegro

Montenegro shelves super market photo EPA PEJOVIC

In Montenegro, the decision limiting the maximum amount of margins in wholesale shops to five percent, for wheat flour - type 400 and 500, sugar, oil, salt, while for small shops it will be seven percent, comes into force today.

By limiting margins, these staples could be cheaper. The decision was adopted at the last government session of Montenegro.

The prices of basic foodstuffs have increased dramatically this year, especially after Russia started a war in Ukraine on February 24.

So, for a liter of oil in the beginning of 2021 in Montenegro, it was necessary to allocate one euro. In January 2022, it cost 1.40 euros. The price of the product in Montenegrin markets now ranges between 2.3 and 2.4 euros. A kilogram of flour, type 400, cost 2021 cents in January 40, and a year later there was a price increase of 50 percent. Now the price of flour hovers around 80 cents.

You have to pay between 50 and 60 cents for a kilogram of salt, and ninety-five cents for sugar.

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