The "Ogneni" published a list of officials replaced after they started rioting

Photo: "Fire group" / DUI

Before today session of the Central Presidency of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) the so-called "fire group" disgruntled party members published a list of officials whom they accuse "Artan Grubi of dismissing because they think differently."

"The train of Artan Grubi and the direct threat of political elimination of all who think differently in DUI, was carried out in the most brutal way possible, as overnight in the monist system the "unfit" were dismissed. The difference is that these dismissals, initiated by the anger of Artan Grubi, were warned by his megaphones, slanderous portals, corrupted with the money of citizens who never voted for Grubi. Deputy Minister of Defense, Bashkim Hassani, a model staff of DUI who brought a series of victories to Gostivar, after the defeats of the SRMN campaign of Artan Grubi. This man was dismissed without any notice of his performance. Resmi Eyup, Adnan Eyup, many clinic directors, such as Alajdin Memedi, Besim Koka, Aziz Maksuti, Camil Kovaci, then Fikri Aliti, Migjen Selmani, Nehat Nuhiu, Ayrula Mustafa and others, were fired just because they thought otherwise, without any reason or a possible failure in their duties", says the statement from "Ogneni".

These officials have one goal – democratization of the DUI and creating an environment for confronting ideas, not creating division among party members, as Grubi did, to save his undeserved seat, say the "fire group".

- These people you see in the photo never said a bad word about Ali Ahmeti, nor are they saying it now, but the devilry of Artan Grubi and the abuse of the media under his control, managed to make all the accusations that were against him, for absolute failures in every district, to address them as accusations against Ali Ahmeti, with the reasoning that these criticisms are not against him but against Ahmeti. All those dismissed, and those whom Artan Grubi cannot dismiss, warned that this man aims to destroy DUI from the inside, works for his crazy ambitions, to the detriment of all processes towards the Albanian community in Macedonia and in the region. Artan Grubi expelled those in the photo, but where will Artan Grubi go when the Albanian voter dismisses him?, the announcement reads.

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