The "fiery" forced the election of a new presidency in DUI, Ahmeti says that there is "no fire, no flame" in the party

Photo: MIA

The leader of DUI and the "firemen" appeared together after six hours of talks, after which Ahmeti declared that there is no "fire group" in DUI

After almost six hours at the headquarters of DUI in Mala Recica near Tetovo, the meeting of the president of the party ended Ali Ahmeti with the so-called "fire group" that demands reforms in the party and the dismissal of current senior government officials from the ranks of the DUI, in the first place Artan Grubi.

After the talks, the leader of DUI announced that "the debate in the party will continue", and in ten days a Central Assembly will be held, at which a new presidency of the party will be elected.

"Today we had a conversation with long-term collaborators, with whom I have been involved in many important processes, in many successes. We talked and essentially the debate is back inside the party. On October 15, there will be a Central Assembly where the political situation will be discussed, but also the new presidency will be elected and on the same day the new presidency will return to the DUI headquarters where, among other things, the political situation will be discussed and there will be a report from the government composition of DUI", Ahmeti said at the press conference, accompanied by Musa Xhaferi, Blerim Bejeti, Izet Mejiti, Sadula Duraku and Nevzat Beita.

When asked by a journalist if the "fire" of the "firemen" has been "extinguished", Ahmeti said that there is neither fire nor flame in the party and that the party debate continued.

- Based on the analysis, we will continue with the debates. There is no fire, there is no flame, the characteristic of DUI is that there has never been an effort to extinguish divergent thinking, to suppress it or to wage war against divergent thinking, on the contrary, by respecting it we have come to the right decisions. So there is no fire, and there won't be, said Ahmeti.

The MP Izet Medziti, one of the most prominent members of the "Ogneni", said to a similar journalistic question that he was "satisfied" with the talks, while regarding the requested replacement of Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, he said that "debating will continue" regarding their demands.

- The debate will return to the DUI, the authorities will decide what to do next with our requests, Mejiti said.

This meeting and these decisions came after the media announced it on September 24 the open letter with which DUI officials, who called themselves the "fire group" asked the leadership to stop the "political war" in the party, and certain officials from the executive power to bear responsibility. The "Fire" and Ahmeti met several times, before today they went out together, in an attempt to demonstrate unity after the turmoil.

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