Detention approved for judge Naqe Georgiev, after the Judicial Council stripped him of his immunity

Supreme Judge Naqe Georgiev's immunity was revoked tonight at the emergency session of the Judicial Council at midnight and his detention was approved. Georgiev is suspected of receiving a bribe of 10 euros to exercise illegal influence. The Judicial Council with 10 votes "for" decided to exempt the public from its decision-making, so the session was closed.

The Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia at the 487th emergency non-public session held on 21.05.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX deliberated and decided upon a request from the Basic Criminal Court Skopje to revoke the immunity of a judge and approve the detention of a judge and made the following decisions:

He revokes the immunity of a judge of the Supreme Court of RSM, for the sake of the smooth conduct of the criminal proceedings, approved the request for approval of the detention of a judge of the Supreme Court of RSM submitted by a judge of a preliminary procedure of the Basic Criminal Court Skopje and temporarily removed him from carrying out the judicial function of the judge of the Supreme Court of RSM, until the criminal procedure is legally completed, the Judicial Council informed.

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