"My angel flew away": Julija Macievska with a touching announcement after the death of her daughter

Julia and Andrijana / Photo: Facebook, Andrijana Macievska

The 41-year-old artist died today Andrijana Macievska, the daughter of the famous singer and host Julia Macievska, after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

Broken by the pain, Julia posted on the social network Facebook where she wrote a touching post.

"My angel flew away, it tore from my heart, from my womb my first love, my only rose, my Andriana. "My pupil, my light, my good girl, my great artist hurts, hurts, hurts," Julia wrote.

The funeral will be held tomorrow, Friday (13.5.2022) at 14 pm, in the chapel of the city cemetery Butel.

Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Just a few days ago, Julia publicly appealed on social media in order for people to pray for the deteriorating condition of her daughter Andriana, who bravely struggled with her health situation.

"My dear friends, pray for my girl, for my heroine, my light. Pray for a miracle of God, because Andriana is fighting for her life in pain at the Oncology Clinic. I believe that God will work a miracle, because everything is possible for God. Each in his own way send love, send a prayer, to raise my little girl. "God have mercy, Father, save us," Julia wrote then.

Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Sincere condolences to Andriana's family and friends. Rest in peace.

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