Celebrating World Meteorological Day: "The future of weather, climate and water across generations"

The World Water Day - March 22 and the World Meteorological Day - March 23 will be celebrated today in Berovo. "The future of weather, climate and water across generations" is the theme of this year's World Meteorological Day, which takes place during the 150th anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization and highlights the past achievements, current progress and future potential of meteorological services.

The mayor of the Municipality of Berovo will address the ceremony. Zvonko Pekevski and the director of the Administration for Hydrometeorological Affairs, Ivica Todorovski, and there will also be awards given to employees who complete 10, 20, 30 and 40 years of service in HMRC.

As informed by the Administration for Hydrometeorological Affairs, in the country the first meteorological measurements and observations were carried out in the 19th century, in the period from 1891 to 1899, in Skopje by the officials from the Austrian Consulate, and after the catastrophic floods of 1922, the General water directorate in 1923 established a network of 25 rain gauge stations.

The hydrometeorological service was established in 1947, and in the following years a large number of meteorological and hydrological stations of different categories were established.

In parallel with the acquisition of the status of an independent state, and especially with the membership of the WMO in 1993, HMRC began the first steps towards the automation of observations, and following the technological progress in informatics and telecommunications adopted the new way of exchanging data in international programs of The World Weather Watch, says the director of the administration, Ivica Todorovski.

In recent years, as he points out, the Administration has been intensively working on the modernization of the classical methods of measurements and the installation of automatic meteorological measurements.

Today, the Administration has over 60 automatic meteorological stations, over 40 automatic hydrological stations, and every year the existing radar systems are modernized, he adds.

Todorovski points out that, among other things, HMRC participates in the experimental program for hail protection by applying the most modern method of aerial cloud seeding.

In terms of future plans, he singles out the provision of products and services that, as he says, are not only of national importance, but are global aspirations of meteorological services around the world, led by the World Meteorological Organization.

In the coming decades, Todrovski pointed out, the focus will be on research into the scale and pace of changes in our weather and climate and in our water cycle that he hopes will help us become more resilient and adapt in time.

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