Celebrating the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia
Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia / Photo: EPA / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today in the premises of The Holocaust Memorial Center - Skopje, will be held commemoratively celebration of January 27 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The event will be hosted by Deputy Foreign Minister Fatmire Isaki, and will addressaand the Minister of Diaspora of the State of Israel, Nahman Shai, the President of the Assembly of the Jewish Community in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Radojka Helman-Denkovska, The Ambassador of Greece in the capacity of IHRA Chairperson, Rusos Kondouros, Eric Meyer, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy, ​​and Catherine von Schneurbein, European Commission Coordinator for Combating Anti-Semitism and Promoting Jewish Life.

The addresses of the high guests, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, follow panel discussion on the topic "The Republic of Northern Macedonia - 35th Member of the International Alliance for the Remembrance of the Holocaust (IHRA): Activities and Measures in the Fight against Holocaust Perversion and Anti-Semitism and the Role of the IHRA in These Areas ".

The event will be attended by ambassadors and other representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of state institutions and the academic community.

Video of the day