Celebrating the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev: The deniers of the Macedonians will not enter Macedonia

goce delcev police closed the street near St. Salvation
Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The deniers of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state will not enter the country, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said yesterday in connection with today's celebration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev, which practically announced that the MEP and Bulgarian radical Angel Djambaski will be returned today if appeared on the Macedonian-Bulgarian border. The celebration of the Macedonian great man's birthday at his grave in the "Sveti Spas" church today is expected with great uncertainty, although the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, has been assuring for days that the police will take all legal measures for a peaceful and dignified honoring of the Macedonian great man.

Prime Minister Kovacevski said yesterday that the Government has not received an announcement about the arrival of an official Bulgarian delegation that would lay flowers, but anyone who officially announces is welcome.

- The anniversary of the birth of the great man of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle and the greatest fighter for an independent Macedonian state is being marked, and the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for taking all the necessary measures, in order for this event to pass peacefully and with dignity. According to the procedures, the Ministry of the Interior will enable everyone through their registered delegations to lay flowers in the most dignified way. Let us all be united, proud and pay respect to the great man of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle. I appeal to all associations that want to use this event for provocations to disrupt relations and the atmosphere in the state and with neighboring states to refrain and not use such events to create side effects in society - the Prime Minister said yesterday.

He added that the vast majority of citizens want a peaceful and dignified celebration and the Ministry of the Interior will not allow individuals to prevent it. The Prime Minister reiterated that any foreign citizen whom the Ministry of the Interior has information about is a person who, by entering the country, may violate national security, the rule of law or international relations. will not be released under the Aliens Act.

- All those who are provocateurs, who deny the Macedonian people, deny the Macedonian state, violate the feelings of Macedonians and other citizens, they will not enter the state - Kovacevski said.

 Presence of announced delegations only

As he announced, the police closed "Samoilova" street to traffic in the area around the "Sveti Spas" church and strictly controls the area, and today "Samoilova" and "Lazar Lichenoski" around Skopje's Kale will be completely closed for traffic. at the state ceremonial event, which will be attended by the entire state leadership, led by President Stevo Pendarovski and Prime Minister Kovacevski. The event has been declared a high security risk event by the Security Council, which already last Monday recommended the Ministry of Interior and other security institutions to take all measures for a peaceful and dignified celebration, as well as to prohibit the entry of certain persons from Bulgaria .

The Ministry of the Interior of Bulgaria announced that flowers on the grave of Gotse Delchev in Skopje they will also pass bHungarian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of public order and security and Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev and his deputy Vencislav Katinov.

According to Minister Spasovski's announcements, all announced delegations will be able to lay flowers on Delchev's grave, which means that if unannounced citizens come, they will not be able to visit Delchev's grave during the state ceremony.

Tensions about the commemoration boiled over after the Bulgarian foundation "Macedonia", headed by Viktor Stojanov, announced that they would come from Sofia in an organized manner to pay tribute to the "Bulgarian revolutionary", and before that the atmosphere was already on fire due to the provocations uttered by the Bulgarian politicians Angel Djambaski. and Kostadin Kostadinov during the commemoration of Mara Buneva, when in the middle of Skopje they shouted that Macedonia is Bulgarian.

 About 40 Bulgarians from Macedonia will also appear in Skopje

Stojanov reports on "Facebook" that the Macedonian police will wait for them at the border and secure them during their short stay in our country, and he announced that about 40 Bulgarians from Macedonia will also appear in Skopje. Their plan is to gather at the parking lot near Kaleto at 11.30:XNUMX a.m. and in an organized group, "without provoking or responding to provocations," head to Delchev's grave and back to the parking lot. It is uncertain whether the entire group will be able to enter the church because the police have announced that they will only allow delegations.

It is also uncertain whether Macedonians from Bulgaria will come to the celebration. Stojko Stojkov from the banned party of the Macedonians in Bulgaria, OMO Ilinden Pirin, told the media that "he knows that people were preparing to come, but he doesn't know what will happen." He does not exclude the possibility that this event is a pre-planned scenario, because the tensions would be in favor of the Bulgarian anti-Macedonian policy and to the detriment of Macedonia. If there are incidents, Stojkov does not rule out the option of Sofia again vetoing the negotiations with the EU.

These days tensions have also been caused by the calls of the opposition parties VMRO-DPMNE and Left to keep a night or heroic guard at Delchev's grave, to which Minister Spasovski has repeatedly stated that the police will not allow such a thing.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, also called for a peaceful celebration, who said that every citizen of Bulgaria and any other country is welcome, stressing that everyone must treat our country and the Macedonian people with respect.

– Let's show maturity and not allow nationalism to be fueled through hate speech and disparagement. We are a country that has a European perspective. With its tradition of inter-ethnic dialogue, cohesion and peaceful settlement of bilateral disputes, we are an example in the world. Let's not allow provocateurs and kidnappers to kidnap our European future - said Osmani.

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