From the next semester, instead of 140 MKD per day for meals, students will receive MKD 840 per week

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From next semester at the latest, the subsidized student meal will be paid on a weekly basis, that is, instead of 140 denars per day, students will have 840 denars available on Monday, funds that can be spent during that week.

This was agreed at yesterday's meeting of the University Student Assembly - UKIM and the Minister of Education and Science, Jeton Shaqiri.

With this decision, students will have 840 denars available on Mondays, funds that they can spend during that week.

Ministry of Education and Science from this academic year introduced a new method of payment of funds from a student meal. Students receive funds on a dedicated payment card in the amount of 140 denars. Students have an obligation to spend the money during the day, otherwise those funds will not be available for spending the next day.

Regarding the most important issue at the moment - the retroactive payment of the outstanding scholarships - due to administrative obstacles - we received assurance that the payment will begin no later than December 15, and USS will strongly push for the process to be completed in a timely manner - the Student Assembly announced on Facebook.

The Student Assembly also announced that the committee for selecting students in the student dormitories will finally include members - students from the University Assemblies. This means that the students who will be part of the Commission will review the applications to ensure that there are no irregularities.

USS requested that the rights of students in the second and third cycle of studies be increased, i.e. those who are not employed have the right to a scholarship, student meals, the possibility of accommodation in student dormitories and the possibility of using a student card for city transport .

The student assembly at UKIM appealed to urgently reconstruct the student dormitories "Steve Naumov" and "Kuzman Josifovski Pitu".

For Steve, the reconstruction will begin by January at the latest, and for Kuzman we are waiting for an official response to the request - they add from USS.

As announced by the University Assembly, a communication channel has been established between a team of student representatives from the USS and representatives from the Ministry of Education and Culture, for easier communication between the students and the institution.

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