We will travel from Skopje to Tirana on a six-lane highway in 2,5 hours, Grubi announced

A cooperation agreement between the Government of Macedonia and the Government of Albania for the development of infrastructure projects, logistical security and efficiency of the transport of goods between the two countries was signed today in Tirana by First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi. According to him, this project exceeds the dimensions of a national project and is of strategic importance for the development of the Western Balkans, and it envisages the construction of a 6-lane highway from Skopje to Qafasan, which will reduce the distance between Skopje and Tirana to 2,5 .3 hours, and between Skopje and Valona in XNUMX hours.

"To simplify, we are building a 6-lane highway from Skopje to Qafasan, which will reduce the distance between Skopje and Tirana to 2,5 hours, Skopje and Valona to 3 hours. In order to make the most of the access to the port, we plan to start the railway connection Skopje - Kichevo - Pogradec - Durres. In January, we are merging the two border controls into one, in order to finally remove the borders between us. We are also building the interconnected energy connection between us with two projects, a substation in Ohrid and a high-voltage connection Bitola-Elbasan", Grubi said.

According to him, there are many skeptics who do not believe in the realization of the projects that have been started to remove the borders, there are and will be those who will try to make obstructions, to underestimate their weight, but he added, "it is our duty to let's continue working thinking about future generations and what we can leave them today as a legacy and a foundation for a healthy future".

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