As of Monday, the traffic regime on the road Prilep - Bitola has been changed

Photo: City of Skopje / illustration

Starting from Monday, December 11, the traffic regime on the A3 highway, Prilep-Bitola section, will be changed due to the performance of geotechnical surveys on the roadway. The temporary traffic regime will take place in accordance with the approved traffic project, AMSM informs.

All road users are asked to respect the posted temporary traffic signals and to adapt to the road conditions. The temporary traffic regime is valid for 6 months, that is, until the completion of the construction works.

Since December 5, however, the traffic regime on state road A2, section Tetovo-Gostivar has been changed in both directions of movement due to the performance of geotechnical surveys on the roadway.

Traffic on the state roads runs smoothly, instead of wet roads. The intensity of traffic on the road routes outside the urban areas is moderate. At the border crossings on the Macedonian side, there are no longer delays for entry and exit from the country.

AMSM recommends adjusted speed, observance of the set traffic signals and careful management of vehicles, especially on the roads through the valleys, river valleys and gorges, where there is a possibility of landslides. This especially refers to the sections Katlanovo - Veles, Mavrovo - Debar - Struga, Vinica - Berovo and Kocani - Delchevo.

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