They will not see me resign, says Arsovska

Photo: Danela Arsovska / Facebook

The mayor of Skopje Danela Arsovska she does not plan to resign because of the situation in the city and is confident that she is right, and those who are dysfunctional are the "political elites in the Council".

When asked if she is ready for everyone (with the councilors) to resign, she replied that "they will not see such a thing from her".

"Absolutely not, they will not see my resignation precisely because they want it and demand it. Do you know why? Because I'm right and they're not. And if you think that I, as an individual, would have withstood 18 months of pressure from such political parties and elites who managed to calculate with each other and with third parties, and I am not right, you are wrong," said Arsovska tonight in the show "Top Tema" " on "Thelma".

To an additional question: would she accept if the councilors came to her with signed resignations and told her that they were expecting hers, so they all go together, Arsovska answered: "Good luck to them, the next councilors will certainly be more constructive and there will be no to be in this composition in which they are now".

The mayor added that she is ready for a compromise, but "others should also take a step".

"I am here for a compromise, but the opposite side should also show a step." I have been talking for 12 months now about the fact that the citizens are eager to see cooperation and constructiveness between the parties concerned, and I think that all these political parties in the City and beyond in Macedonia should sit down, discuss and find solutions for once in the interest of the citizens themselves. With us in the Council, it is a vote for the projects that the citizens are looking for, not their sabotage, and here they should show that constructiveness. "We should not be friends or some who will drink coffee together, we should work to implement projects in the interest of the people of Skopje", said Arsovska.

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