Qatar says that the "most difficult party" in the negotiations was Israel

Doha/Photo: Hasan Zaidi / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

The spokesman for the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mayed al-Ansari, said that the "most difficult party" in the negotiation process was Israel.

- The negotiation process is difficult from all aspects. Each party has its own requirements and reservations. We are doing our best to fix things. But the most difficult side was Israel, he told a briefing in Doha.

Al Ansari added that Qatar could not confirm the total number of prisoners held in Gaza.

- What we can only say with certainty is the number of prisoners who have been released, he pointed out.

Al-Ansari added that the "priority at this time is that the civilian women and children be released," adding that "the military men will enter the discussion" afterwards.

-Regarding the union between the Palestinian factions, these are internal affairs of the Palestinians and should be resolved by them. However, we are sparing no effort to gather all factions of the Palestinian people on one front, Al-Ansari said when asked if Hamas would be part of the electoral process in the post-war era in Gaza.

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