The report of the State Department shows that the situation in the country is improving, says Sanela Skryjelj

Member of Parliament of the ruling Social Democratic Union (SDSM), Sanela Skrijelj, tonight in the "24 analysis" show, he tried to draw positive statements about the government in the latest report of the US State Department on the country, which notes that corruption is the biggest problem facing Macedonia.

Skrijelj says that there is a sentence in the report that notes the Government's efforts to identify and prosecute corrupt officials within its ranks.

"Corruption is still a problem, but now there is a sentence that says that the Government is working on identifying and prosecuting officials who were associated with corruption. The example that we have officials from the current ruling majority, and they are prosecuted, indicates that the government has decided to fight corruption," she said in the "24" television show.

The MP, contrary to the impressions that the State Department's report notes corruption in the country very unfavorably, says that if the rhetoric in the document is analyzed, "it can be seen that the situation in the country is improving".

"If we go back, we will see that the sentences were that the Government was taking limited steps to identify and process cases of high-ranking officials. "Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that officials from the ruling party at that time would be held accountable," said Shkrijelj.

She added that this report is a roadmap, like all other reports of international partners that show where we are and where we have challenges.

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