PHOTO + RECIPES | From Branko's home in Vevcani: I always come home, to the coffee under the drain, to my mother's porridge, to the beauty and peace of Vevcani

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The southwestern part of our country hides one of the most beautiful and magical places, called Vevcani, which has gathered all the natural beauties in one. Located on the slopes of Mount Jablanica, near Lake Ohrid and the beautiful Black Drim, Vevcani is a place to which we will constantly return. In addition to all the natural beauties that it has, Vevcani is recognizable by the cheerful people, always hospitable and kind to tourists and visitors. The famous gastronome and culinary lover, Branko Poposki, known by the pseudonym, comes from the magical Vevcani. "Cooking with Branko", who always wants to present to his followers recipes from the Vevcani cuisine. Proud of his place of birth, Branko says of Vevcani that it is a notion of peace and prosperity.

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He got his love for cooking from a young age, thanks to his mother who is also a big fan of cooking. For Branko, the kitchen is a place for relaxation and expression of creativity. He says that he enjoys the smells of the kitchen and prepares each recipe with special love and attention. Although he lives and works in Skopje, Branko loves to spend his free days at home, preparing Vevcani specialties.

According to Branko, the beauty of Vevcani is reflected in the fresh air and peaceful mornings, and the most beautiful feeling that according to him is not found anywhere except in his Vevcani, is the Turkish coffee drunk in the yard under the drain, overlooking Lake Ohrid and the smell of warm bread spreading. every morning.

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private archive

- Wherever I go, I always come home. In the yard, the house where I grew up, the warm hugs and smiles of my mother and father, the moments of my childhood, the greenery and the yard that I miss immensely in Skopje and the peace, the peace that my home and my Vevcani have. Sometimes, it's so hard for me to talk about Vevcani…

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