Of the nine people accused of raping a girl in Hamburg, only one was convicted

Photo: Free Press Archive

Nine men were accused of raping a drunken 15-year-old teenage girl during a party in a city park in Hamburg in September 2020, but only one was found guilty at trial.

After the mentioned event, a swab was taken from the girl in which the semen of the nine defendants was found.

However, the court sentenced the youngest, a 19-year-old from Iran, to two years and nine months in prison.

The seven defendants received a suspended sentence, and within six months the court will make a decision whether it will remain so or whether they will be sentenced to prison, and one of the attackers has been acquitted of all charges.

According to Bild, eight of the men have a migrant background.

The crime caused fierce reactions in Hamburg, and the trial for this crime lasted a year and a half and was closed to the public.

The defendants' lawyers argued for the release of their clients, stating that "the girl did not seem like she did not want sex."

The lawyer's statement was confirmed by 40 passers-by who were in the city park that evening. They said the girl looked "confused, apathetic, doll-like, incompetent and helpless."

The court heard the girl via video link a few days ago, but she didn't have much to say because she "barely remembers that night".

According to reports, the defendants were very cold during the trial, and one even fell asleep.

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