From today, amendments to the Proposed Budget for 2023 will be introduced

Photo Archive: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The amendment debate on the Proposed Budget for 2023 begins today. 263 amendments were submitted, of which 199 came from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

On Monday, the general discussion ended, during which the government and the opposition presented their views. According to the parliamentary majority, the projected budget items will enable economic recovery and dealing with the consequences of the energy crisis, and the opposition believes that it is a historically highest, inflationary and wasteful budget.

In the proposed budget for next year, growth is projected at 2,9 percent, and inflation at 7,1 percent.

The total revenues are planned at the level of 282 billion denars and are higher by 14,8 percent compared to 2022, and the expenditures at the level of 324,8 billion denars or are 12,6 percent higher compared to 2022. The budget deficit is at the level of 4,6 percent of the planned GDP. For capital expenditures, on the other hand, 48,9 billion denars are planned, or about 52,3 percent higher than the plan for 2022.

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