Since April, more than five thousand women involved in the front lines in Ukraine

As of April 1, more than five thousand women are serving on the front lines, most of them as part of the Ukrainian ground forces.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Natalia Kalmikova.

She noted that as of 2021, the number of women in the armed forces of Ukraine has increased by 40%.


According to Kalmikova, as of April 1, 67.285 women serve in the armed forces of Ukraine, of which 47.569 are military personnel.

"Ukraine creates conditions for strengthening the role of women in the army. Our recruitment centers have all the conditions to attract women to the army. Today, 15% of candidates undergoing the recruitment procedure are women. "Every position in the armed forces of Ukraine is open to them," she said.

Kalmikova also said that the progressive changes in legislation that Ukraine is implementing are also due to the energy and efforts of dozens of organizations and volunteers of female veterans.

The Deputy Minister of Defense added that there are three main steps for further implementation of the principle of equal opportunities in the Ukrainian army:

– raising gender awareness among military personnel;

– increasing the number of women in leadership positions in the armed forces;

– creating an inclusive environment for women.

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