Eyewitness from Tetovo: We helped as much as we could, it was terrible, we took bodies out of the hospital

Eyewitness to the fire in Tetovo / Photo: Free Press

Cemil Ziberi, an eyewitness from yesterday's accident in Tetovo, told "Sloboden Pecat" that they helped as much as they could, and the situation in the hospital was terrible.

"We went outside when we saw the fire, from the third window on the inside. We ran to help, I called the EVN services. My colleagues and I ran to turn off the electricity. "What we could help, we helped, what we could save, we saved."

He added that he was directly involved in the rescue, removing several bodies from the hospital.

"There were cries, screams, it was really scary," he said.

The eyewitness said that he did not know any of the patients in the hospital and that all the residents of the whole street came out to help put out the fire.

Earlier, the eyewitness Nexmedin Aliti, a 37-year-old football player from Tetovo, said that last night among the first people he ran to the place of the fire in the modular covid hospital in Tetovo and participated in the extinguishing.

He tells about the horrible sight, when the fire destroyed the whole hospitaland in which 14 people died, and 12 were rescued from the fire and are in stable condition. In total, there were 26 people in the modular hospital at the time of the fire.

Everything happened very quickly. It was like a bomb. I was here at 9.10 am. There were firefighters and police on the spot. Half of the hospital was affected by the fire and I was here to put out the fire, I did not go inside, others came in. Terribly, there was gunfire. There are people who are afraid of being shot, but I am a humane person, I am not afraid, I wanted to help, Aliti tells about the fatal moment when the fire started and quickly covered the whole hospital.

He says the fire was very strong and spread rapidly.

- The fire was so strong that even if a helicopter came to extinguish it from above, it could not, Aliti is honest who, like many Tetovo residents, spent last night thinking about the victims and the consequences of the fire that shocked Tetovo residents and the whole public.

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