The prosecutor's office is checking whether the fire in the "Baron" cafe and the murder at Blace are related events

Basic public prosecutor's office - building / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

A public prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje conducted an on-site inspection near Blace, where the lifeless body of a man with gunshot wounds was found. As "Free Press" reported, Gani Tusha's father was killed. Thelma lime that before the murder there was a fire at the Baron's Cafe in Chair. Gani Tusha is suspected of the murder of Orhan Bajrami - Oki is serving a prison sentence.

Traces were picked up during the inspection, which will be the subject of an expert examination. An order was issued for an autopsy on the body of the deceased, and the public prosecutor gave instructions to carry out checks and take actions to secure evidence.

In relation to a fire in a catering facility in Chair, an inspection team of the Ministry of the Interior conducted an inspection. Evidence has been collected from the scene, video surveillance footage has been provided. According to initial information, the fire was arson. Actions are being taken to discover the perpetrators and to check the possible connection between the two events.

Murder in the vicinity of Skopje, Gani Tusha's father was unofficially killed

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