The prosecution files an appeal, Dani Alves may receive a harsher sentence


The former Brazilian national team player, Danny Alves it was recently sentenced to four and a half years in prison for raping a girl in a night club. Alves claimed that he was innocent from the beginning of the case, so he received the verdict with surprise, but now he could face a greater punishment.

The prosecutor's office in Spain is ready to appeal the verdict and ask for a harsher sentence for the Brazilian.

Initially, the prosecutor's office requested a nine-year prison sentence, but those requests were later increased to 12, while Alves' lawyers requested a sentence of up to one year and the release of their client because he had already "served" that one year by being in custody. Alves has been in custody since January 20, 2022, and the court has several times rejected his request to defend himself from freedom because he assessed that he was a risk of flight.

With the new situation and the filed appeal, there is a possibility that the trial will be returned and Alves will receive a bigger sentence. Apart from the sentence of four and a half years, Alves, with the current verdict, must also pay the victim a fine as damages in the amount of 150.000 euros.

The trial has begun: the football player Dani Alves faces a prison sentence of 12 years

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