The prosecutor's office changed the crime for which the ex-director of Oncology, Dr. Nino Vasev, is being prosecuted

The prosecution changed the criminal case for which the ex-director of the Oncology Clinic, Dr. Nino Vasev, was prosecuted, for the case of a patient suffering from cancer, who was not prescribed therapy for months and then died, announced Thelma. The reason is that the Criminal Code has changed and the Prosecutor's Office is obliged to apply the principle of "lenient law". Thus, the maximum sentence with the change of the crime according to which the Prosecutor's Office is prosecuting Dr. Vasev, is reduced from 5 years to 3 years in case of a possible conviction. Also, with the amendment, the statute of limitations for prosecution in November 2024.

Doctor Vasev, Doctor Igor Stojkovski and Doctor Marija Simonovska allege that they did not prescribe therapy to a patient for three months, after which his health deteriorated and he died. They told the court that they do not feel guilty. The experts have not been heard yet.

This case is not related to the preliminary investigation that the Skopje Public Prosecutor's Office is conducting for the overall work of the Oncology Clinic and which they started about a month ago.

Executive search in the home of the former director of Oncology, doctor Nino Vasev

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