The prosecution prepared the request for extradition of Ljupco Palevski

Suspect Ljupco Palevski - Palco with the murdered Vanja and Panche / Photo Collage of SP / Social networks

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje prepared the request for extradition from Turkey for Ljupco Palevski, suspected of two crimes - Kidnapping under Article 141 of the Criminal Code, as well as two brutal murders (one of a minor and one of selfishness) together punishable under Article 123 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code.

The public prosecutor requested the competent authorities in the Republic of Turkey to extradite the person for whom an international warrant was issued, and Interpol, Ankara received information that he was arrested in the Republic of Turkey on December 5 of this year.

In addition to the request for extradition, the complete necessary documentation will be submitted to the Turkish authorities - the order for investigative proceedings against the suspect, the decision by which the Basic Criminal Court of Skopje appointed him an ex officio defense attorney and ordered his detention, as well as the order for the issuance of an international warrant. The Turkish authorities will also be informed of the applied provisions of the Criminal Code, which contain the legal name and characteristics of the crime under investigation and other relevant provisions of the Macedonian legislation.

The Department for International Legal Assistance of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of North Macedonia, based on the European Convention on Extradition with the Additional Protocols, the Agreement on Legal Cooperation in Civil and Criminal Matters between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey and the Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters, this request he was immediately submitted to the Ministry of Justice for extradition.

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