Pay attention to these five signs: Symptoms of a heart attack appear even a month before

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Most people experience a heart attack or stroke around 6:30 in the morning, it says The Daily Mail, and the reason is the levels of proteins in the bloodstream.

Namely, the scientists analyzed the protein plasminogen activator inhibitor, which slows down the metabolism of blood clots. It is at its peak early in the morning, which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

- This is a great discovery for treating patients with a tendency to cardiovascular diseases and the occurrence of blood clots, and it can also serve for better timing of therapy - said the author of the study, Dr. Frank Scheer. Scientists are planning more extensive studies on the connection between the body clock and this protein.

Symptoms that may herald a heart attack

Certain heart attack symptoms can appear even a month before the heart attack:


If the arteries become narrowed, the heart receives less blood than usual, which makes it harder for it to work. This is why you always feel tired and sleepy.

Shortness of breath

When the heart receives less blood, it also means that the lungs receive less oxygen. If you suddenly have breathing problems, you should certainly consult a doctor, because it is possible that a heart attack is brewing.


If you feel unexplained weakness, it is possible that there is a narrowing of the arteries, due to which the blood does not circulate as it should. Then even the muscles do not get everything they need and it is possible to faint.

Cold sweat and dizziness

Poor circulation also means that blood flow to the brain is restricted, which is life-threatening. In such situations, you feel dizzy and confused and these are symptoms that should not be ignored at all.

Chest pressure

Early symptoms of a heart attack include restlessness and pressure in the chest, less pain or increased blood pressure, and these problems occur more frequently as the day of the heart attack approaches.

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