The top 10 workplaces with the happiest and unhappiest workers have been published

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The saying goes that if you choose a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. From the time you finish school until you're about 65, you'll be going to work almost every day – so it helps if you really enjoy it. But if you're not feeling fulfilled, new research could be the inspiration for a career change, it reports Metro.

The research of Reboot Online revealed the jobs (professions) with the happiest workers. And who won the first place? Employees in the scientific and pharmaceutical sectors were found to be the happiest, with a happiness rating of a whopping 91,93 percent. Science and pharmacy were also the most satisfied when it came to the individual well-being factors of mental health, work empowerment and salary.

The overall happiness score is determined based on responses to seven factors: positive impact on others, career prospects, employee empowerment, work relationships, positive impact on mental health, pay and work culture. More than 2.500 experts aged 18 to 70 from 29 different professions were surveyed.

Workers in the creative arts and design industry are the second happiest workers with a score of 83,81 percent, while environmental protection and agriculture are in third place with a score of 80,96 percent. Charity and volunteer work had an overall rating of 76,66 percent, with many workers satisfied with the positive impact their work had on others. However, charity workers did not feel valued by their employers and their satisfaction with pay and job empowerment was below 40 per cent.

Top 10 industries with the happiest workers:

1. Science and Pharmacy 91,93 percent
2. Creative art and design 83,81 percent
3. Environment and agriculture 80,96 percent
4. Charity and volunteer work 76,66 percent
5. Advertising and PR 73,81 percent
6. Accounting 73,34 percent
7. Right 69,51 percent
8. Recreation 68,57 percent
9. Engineering and production 67,61 percent
10. Marketing 67,60 percent

The survey also revealed the industries with the unhappiest workers. The lowest overall satisfaction score belongs to energy and utilities, where less than 10 percent of workers are satisfied with their careers. Only 2,44 percent of workers in the industry felt happy because their employer appreciated and encouraged them.

Sales had the second-worst score for overall satisfaction with just 10,49 percent of workers claiming to be happy. The industry also scored lowest for positive impact on others (7,14 percent) and mental health (8,75 percent). The third unhappiest workplace was the call center and customer service, with experts in this area particularly unhappy with the workplace culture. In fact, only 4 percent of workers were satisfied with it.

Top 10 industries with the unhappiest workers:

1. Energy 9,5 percent
2. Sales 10,49 percent
3. Call center and customer service 11,91 percent
4. Retail 23,31 percent
5. Social protection 29,53 percent
6. Hospitality and event management 30,94 percent
7. Transport and logistics 30,96 percent
8. Consulting and management 31,43 percent
9. Health 31,91 percent
10. Employment and human resources 37,14 percent



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