The most searched terms on "Wikipedia" in 2023 have been published

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Millions around the world turn to the free online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" to make it easier to understand the world around them, and every year, data is released showing the most searched terms of the year. "Euronews".

For this year 2023, the most searched term is "Chatzipity" (ChatGPT), which had almost 50 million views on the English version of the platform.

The language model based on artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted a lot of influence in the past year, as well as controversy and concern about the future of humanity with such systems slowly starting to replace humans in work tasks that were previously performed exclusively by humans.

"ChatJipity is one of the generative AI tools trained on Wikipedia data, extracting large amounts of content from Wikipedia projects to answer people's questions." So the fact that millions of people are going to Wikipedia to learn about Chetjipity is an interesting twist," said Anusha Alihan, Chief Communications Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation.

The second most read term on Wikipedia this year was the annual list of deaths, which is at the top of these annual lists every year. Celebrities who died this year, including Matthew Perry and Lisa Marie Presley, have attracted a lot of attention.

English Wikipedia garnered more than 84 billion views this year, according to figures released by the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind the free, publicly edited online encyclopedia.

This list of the 25 most popular terms was compiled using data as of November 28. Figures for all of 2023 are due to be updated by the nonprofit on January 3, 2024.

By the way, the online encyclopedia began its work in January 2001, as a free treasure trove of data that is supplemented and maintained by a community of volunteers around the world.

This is the list of The 25 most searched terms on "Wikipedia".

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