Published satellite images: the Russians are massively digging trenches in Crimea, a Ukrainian offensive is expected

Skywatch satellite images / PHOTO printscreen - Youtube

After the retreat from Kherson, the Russians, it seems, began to build a system of defensive positions on the borders of Crimea. Namely, satellite images released recently that are available to the general public show freshly dug trenches along the administrative border of Crimea and the Kherson region. Although for the time being the headlines of the world media do not state exactly what this determination of the Russians in Crimea means, most of them state that the Ukrainians are probably preparing for an offensive on the Crimean peninsula.

On the land area that connects Crimea with Ukraine, the first trenches were dug as early as October, according to Sknjatch's footage. In one photo you can even see a backhoe behind which remains yellow - freshly dug earth. Those positions are located near the city of Armyansk, not far from the Kalanchak border crossing. Right next to it there is a canal that carries water from the Dnieper to the Crimea.

Kherson and the Dnieper, which now separates the warring parties, are 120 kilometers from Crimea. That peninsula is connected to the rest of Ukraine by three narrow land "bridges" – areas that are ideal for defense. But in order for Ukrainian forces to reach even the newly constructed defensive positions at the gates of Crimea, they would have to cross the Dnieper or arrive from the direction of Zaporozhye, which is unlikely if not impossible, Serbian Politika states.

PHOTO/ Crimea, Wikipedia

The construction of defensive positions was also observed along the river Siversky Donetsk, which separates Donetsk and Luhansk. There, it was observed that trucks were carrying reinforced concrete structures that had been dug in and used as bunkers. The Ukrainians did the same on the Donetsk front, but there it was discovered that the inside of the bunker was lined with asbestos. Asbestos collapsed due to moisture, and videos of Ukrainian soldiers protesting it appeared on social media. As they say, if Russian artillery doesn't kill them, asbestos sure will.

By the way, after the withdrawal of the Russians from Kherson, the two warring parties are using this time to rest and prepare for the winter. The cold weather does not mean that the fighting will stop completely, but the soldiers on the front should prepare for a possible counteroffensive. At the same time sub-zero temperatures support the use of armored mechanized units. Frozen ground is a better surface for tanks than wet, which is why even greater offensive operations can be expected.

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