The novel "Saveski" by Anastasia Lefkoska was published

The "ASNOM" culture center in Gostivar, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, published the novel "Saveski", the second literary work of the author Anastasia Lefkoska.

"Saveski" is a fictional novel in which the inner and the outer are intertwined from the very beginning: longings, hidden desires and dreams against reality. The action revolves around the Saveski family and their tireless desire to be perfect, decent and above all human, but the problem arises when years of human suppression take their toll and emotions culminate, so everyone in the Saveski family is forced to start he is questioning his life.

– The novel represents an honest, detailed and critical commentary directed at the Balkan society and the outdated traditional values, which stifle rather than contribute to the normal functioning of individuals in that same society. In the center of the story we meet the Saveski family, a well-to-do family from Gostivar, which looks happy and connected from the outside, almost perfect, but inside, it is actually rotten and miserable. Namely, each of the members is unhappy in his own way and yearns for something different - wrote the reviewer, Professor Marina Trpeska.

The author Anastasia Lefkoska is a fourth-year student at the "Blaze Koneski" Faculty of Philology, at the Department of English Language and Literature. He has been writing since an early age.

In 2019, he published the novella "Everything I could never tell you", for which he received "Recognition for Affirmation of the Macedonian Language and Literature" from the Association for Literary Development "New Babylon" - Bitola. He has won the first place for an essay at the state level of the USAID competition, the "Golden Plaque" for a poetic work from the "William Shakespeare" International Manifestation, and others.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 198, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 30.09-01.10.2023)

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