Marked paths, lookouts and information boards in Kuchkovo

Municipality of Gjorce Petrov completed the mapping of the bike and pedestrian path at the locality Krst in Kuchkovo. In this recreational zone, as informed by the mayor Aleksandar Stojkoski, they have been mapped and marked 8 kilometers of footpath and 4,5 kilometers of cycling, which is circular in shape.

Residents of the municipality and the city of Skopje get an excellent urbanized place for sports and recreation in the most beautiful tourist-mountain area in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov - says Stojkoski.

In addition to mapping, four lookouts, five information boards with maps, 15 information boards for cultural landmarks and 23 signposts, as well as trash cans, benches and posts to mark the route, have been installed in this area.

The investment is of the Bureau for Regional Development at the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, and the procedure was carried out by the Center for the Development of the Skopje Planning Region - informed the mayor.

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