Nvidia has seen a significant increase in profits due to artificial intelligence


US chipmaker Nvidia reported a jump in profit and revenue at the start of the year thanks to a boom in generative artificial intelligence. In the three-month period ended April 28, the first quarter of Nvidia's 2024/2025 fiscal year, revenue was nearly four times higher than in the same period in 2023/2024, jumping to $26 billion.

In the data center business, it was as much as five times larger and reached $22,6 billion. Net profit was slightly more than seven times higher than the beginning of the previous business year and amounted to $14,88 billion. Nvidia started out as a graphics card maker before shifting its focus to technologies used to learn artificial intelligence applications.

"A new industrial revolution has begun – companies and countries are working with Nvidia to shift trillions of dollars worth of traditional data centers to high-speed computing, building a new type of data center – artificial intelligence factories," said CEO Jensen Huang.

“The growth engine for our data center business has been strong demand for generative AI training, which continues to accelerate. "In addition to cloud service providers, generative artificial intelligence has also expanded to consumer and corporate internet companies, national artificial intelligence, customers in the automotive and healthcare sectors," the head of the American giant noted, added Huang.

"National AI" encompasses, according to the definition on Nvidia's website, the physical and data infrastructure, including large-scale language models developed by teams in individual countries, training them on available data to promote inclusiveness of dialects, culture and the practice.

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