News: Karakachanov publishes a map showing Vranje, Nis, all of Macedonia and parts of Greece as part of Bulgaria


Under the headline "Bulgarians want to occupy parts of Serbia: Deputy PM Karakachanov publishes scandalous map - claims right to Vranje and Nis, Serbian daily" Novosti "reports on the Bulgarian Deputy PM's March XNUMX greeting.

- With the scandalous congratulation on March 8, the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Krasimir Karakachanov caused anger in the region, and once again showed the irredentist tendencies of the party to which he belongs, VMRO-BND. "On the background of the greeting card he issued on behalf of his party VMRO-BND, in addition to the stylized figure of a woman with a child and the words 'tradition, family, values', the map of Greater Bulgaria is clearly visible." The daily points out that according to that map, Bulgaria includes the whole of Northern Macedonia, parts of Greece and Serbian cities such as Nis and Vranje..

- This concept dates back to the 19th century and it was predicted that these territories would be occupied by independent Bulgaria. However, those borders remained only an unfulfilled dream of Sofia, except for the short periods of the First and Second World Wars, when crimes were committed in the occupied territories, the ultimate goal of which was to Bulgarianize the population. states the newspaper.

"Novosti" also points out that Karakachanov is well known for such chauvinist outbursts. Last month, he called the Serbs "occupiers" of Macedonia and revolted over the alleged strengthening of Serbian cultural influence in northern Macedonia..

By the way, Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov reacted to Karakachanov's map today, describing it as "pre-election folklore"..

- I am tempted because in a way it is obvious that this is pre-election folklore and the bigger the reaction caused by this announcement in our country, the greater the effect on them. However, I will say in principle and in moderate words that with those who want to have good neighborly relations, it is important to be careful in what we say and post on social networks and we should avoid posts that have territorial claims, Dimitrov said after being asked to comment on the presentation of the "Europe at home" agenda.

The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev commented that when you are awarded a penalty, you should probably shoot, but you should also be careful that the match lasts.

- I say this from the aspect that the Friendship Agreement with Bulgaria shows that the countries have no territorial claims among themselves, and I will also say that I do not intend to enter the pre-election folklore of a neighboring country or any other friendly country, said Zaev.

Earlier, there was a reaction from the Cabinet of the Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, who assessed that the move of the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister is "open violation of the Good Neighbor Agreement".

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