NEW VIDEO from the tragic wedding in Iraq shows the newlyweds running away and hiding in the kitchen

Bloody wedding in Iraq/Photo: Screenshot/H

A new video of the tragedy with 114 deaths after the fire that broke out during wedding ceremony in Iraq.

The video begins with shots of the newlyweds dancing on the dance floor while fireworks are lit around them, and no one knows what will happen next.

In the following footage, an inferno was created from the fireworks, which began to spread from the ceiling of the wedding venue.

According to the Daily Mail, Hanen and Revan, as the newlyweds are named, escaped the fire as they managed to hide in the kitchen.

Relatives who visited them in the hospital where they are being treated for injuries say that the couple is in a bad mental state.

For his part, the father of the groom told CNN that he holds the owner of the venue where the reception was held responsible for the tragedy:

"I blame the owner of the place for what is happening because there were neither fire extinguishers nor other safety measures."

It is recalled that the tragedy with 114 dead and more than 150 injured happened in the city of Karakos, near Mosul.

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