New indictment against Hunter Biden for tax offenses

The US Department of Justice filed a new indictment against the son of US President Joe Biden - Hunter Biden, CNN reported last night, citing its own sources.

Biden was charged yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles with participating in a four-year tax evasion scheme worth about $1,4 million, the Justice Department said.

Hunter Biden is charged with a total of nine counts – three tax felonies and six tax violations – and if convicted, could face a maximum sentence of 17 years in prison. It is about tax evasion, non-payment of taxes and submission of false tax returns in the period from 2016 to 2019.

In October, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied about not using drugs while buying a gun.

For the first time in the USA, a son or daughter of a current president has been charged.

Special prosecutor David Weiss brought these charges against Hunter Biden after a previously proposed plea deal was blocked by a judge.

The special prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden has been working in Los Angeles in recent weeks gathering evidence and testimony and taking depositions from multiple witnesses as part of a federal probe into Biden Jr.'s business dealings, CNN reported last month.

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