New musical experience at Audiokultura: "Live at Audiokultura" with Petar Markov Quartet

Photo: Stefan Reichl

After the three-year standstill caused by the global pandemic, functioning in narrow circles remained a comfort zone from which artistic and even life pleasures are exhausted even in larger quantities.

Mass gatherings that created euphoria and emotional rapture were spontaneously replaced by visits to smaller scenes from which emanated a subtle dominance of urban perfection, sophistication, top quality and unlimited opportunities to absorb all the graces offered by music and art in general.

Another "Live at Audiokultura" event took place in Audiokultura, where the outstanding young musical ensemble Petar Markov Marush Quartet performed.

Photo: Stefan Reichl

The concept, which has long been talked about in superlative terms, calmly continues to be an inspiration for supporters of true values ​​and a trajectory on which there is enough room for all respectable stakeholders of a society that strives to build a bright musical future.

The excellent selection of jazz compositions in a fantastic performance by the Petar Markov Marush Quartet created an atmosphere of glamour, enthusiasm and positive vibes. Completely in line with the recognizable high standards for music and top sound set by Audiokultura and teoharov audio through whose systems the sound reproduction of live performances is realized.

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