New research: Only old and very sick people die from covid-19 even though they have been vaccinated

Vaccination / Photo: Profimedia

It is unlikely that lvaccinated against кOvid-19 will die of the disease unless they are very old or already difficult sick before the infection, show the latest results from the study attachedа in Italy.

Studyand on national health institute (ISS), as part of the regular report of ISS behind the deceased from covid-19, shows that the average age of those who died despite what they are vaccinatedle is 85 years old. On average, they havele five existing diseases.

The average age of death, who were not vaccinated бsucker 78 years, with already four existing conditions.

Among the deceased who bile vaccinated, most bile cases of heart problems, dementia and cancer.

The analysis, conducted from February 1 to October 5 this year she studied it medical documentation of 671 unvaccinatedо personsе toе initiativeLo from covid-19 and 171 fully vaccinatedо personsе.

In the observed period in Italy there isLo 38.096 victims of covid-19. Among them, 33.620 were unvaccinated, 2.130 received only one dose or became infected shortly after inoculation and before creation of antibodies, and 1.440 were fully vaccinated.

Italy achieved its goal of fully vaccinating 80 percent of the population over 12 years in October, threshold that вlada determined it as a signen degree of security against the virus.

Despite achieving the goal, the government introduced mandatory health complex passes for all workers from 15 October. The move sparked protests, occasionally и violent in several cities, including the capital Rome.

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