New research: Psychedelic experiences already improve sexual function, and they work for up to six months

Photo: Jacob Lund / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

According to a new scientific study, psychedelic experiences in humans are associated with "enhanced sexual function." Improvements can be seen even months after the psychedelic experience caused by taking magic mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics.

Scientists from the Center for Psychedelic Research at King's College London surveyed 261 people, mostly from the United States, before and after a psychedelic experience.

The study found that people reported improvements in a range of areas of sexual function – including better communication with their partners, feeling more satisfied with their partner and their own appearance, and "greater satisfaction during sex" – even up to six months after their psychedelic experience.

"We believe this is the first scientific study investigating the effects of psychedelics on sexual functioning," said Tommaso Barba, lead author of the study.

Barba says the findings suggest potentially positive effects for conditions that negatively impact sexual health, including clinical depression and anxiety.

"This is especially important considering that sexual dysfunction, often caused by antidepressants, often results in discontinuation of these drugs and subsequent relapse," Barba added.

Scientists highlight an additional benefit in the treatment of depression, where psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin (an ingredient in magic mushrooms) could potentially help avoid drug-induced sexual dysfunction – one of the biggest side effects of existing standard antidepressants.

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