Three new collections of poems from the edition "Graviri" of "PNV Publications" will be promoted at the event "Vo prepev #2"

Invitation to the promotion of "PNV Publications"

The promotion of three collections of poems from the edition "Graviri", an edition for contemporary European poetry by "PNV Publications" from Skopje, will be held on September 26, starting at 19 pm, in the cinema "Frosina" at the Youth Cultural Center - Skopje.

We are talking about the poetry collections "Land under the lampshade" by Dragoslav Dedovic (Serbia), "Sang" by Alen Brlek (Croatia) and "The field" by Martin Glaz Serup (Denmark).

The event will include a poetry reading and conversation about the challenges and pleasures of translating works between translators Jovica Ivanovski, Djoko Zdraveski and Juliana Velichkovska, and authors Dragoslav Dedovic, Alen Brlek and Martin Glaz Serup.

- After the successful event "In song #1", at which the books "About two and a half hours from heaven" by Immanuel Mifsud (Malta), "Freedom Walks Naked" by Maram al-Masri (France/Syria) and "13 Croatian poets: a selection of contemporary Croatian poetry" through the poems of Lana Derkac, we hope that the audience will be encouraged again and actively get involved by writing their own verses or by singing one of the poems of the authors in one of the foreign languages ​​they they know, as was the case last night during the break, between the reading and the conversation part. I believe that the immediate communication with the audience and erasing that invisible border that delimits the stage and the auditorium is crucial and necessary for the author and the work to truly reach their readers, who are also or may be future writers or translators - said Juliana Velichkovska, chief and responsible editor of "PNV Publications".

The event is supported by "Traduki" and the Danish Art Fund, and is in cooperation with the Croatian Society of Writers (HDP), with which "PNV Publications" concluded a bilateral cooperation for literary exchange.

Dragoslav Dedović (1963, Zemun) has published 11 books of poetry, including: "Sumatra Cafe" (Sarajevo, 2005), "Dinarski Buda" (Belgrade, 2008), "Sunrise" (Novi Sad, 2013), "Land under the lampshade" "(Sarajevo, 2021). His lyrics have been sung in several languages, he has been awarded several times. He is represented in anthologies of Serbian, Bosnia-Herzegovina and world poetry. He has translated a dozen prose works from German, as well as lyrics by a number of contemporary German poets. "Zemjata pod abažur", sung by Jovica Ivanovski, was released this year with the support of "Traduki".

Alen Brlek (1988, Zagreb) writes prose and poetry. He is the author of the poetry collections "Metakmorfozi" (2015, "Algorithm"; 2013 award "On top of language"), "Pratishina" (2017, "Contrast", Belgrade; second edition 2012, "Fraktura", Belgrade) and "Sang" ( 2019, HDP; "Mali Quirin" award, finalist for "Tin Ujevic" and "Ivan Goran Kovacic" awards). The collections represent a trilogy of mind, spirit and body.

His poems have been translated into several languages ​​and are represented in several anthologies of Croatian poetry. In 2022, a selection of poems was translated and published in French by the publishing house "Galerie – Librairie Lollave". He is part of "Versopolis" and the music-poetry project "Zaron" together with Darko Šeparović, Emil Andreis and Lucia Butković.

His poetry in Macedonian, sung by Djoko Zdraveski, has been published in the poetry collection "Sang" and in the collection "13 Croatian Poets: a selection from contemporary Macedonian poetry", both annual editions of "PNV Publications", supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia .

Martin Glaz Serup was born in 1978 and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the author of many children's books, literary reviews, essays and prose, as well as nine poetry collections, the most recent of which is "Endless Summer" (2020), and probably the most famous internationally is the poem "The Field" (2010), which so far it has been published in nine countries and is his first published book in the Macedonian language. The English lyrics are by Juliana Velichkovska, and the book is published by "PNV Publications", Skopje, with the support of the Danish Art Foundation.

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