New records and unique banners at the 18th Viser Skopje Marathon

Over 8.500 runners from more than 47 countries of the world filled the streets of Skopje with a sports atmosphere, a positive morning spirit and countless smiles, which were a real inspiration for the cheering groups along the route of the most massive sports event in Macedonia. This was the atmosphere at the 18th edition of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, the organizer said in the official announcement after the event. 

The traditional races of this marathon started at 8:00 a.m. in the center of the capital, along a new track, which received an A certificate from AIMS and the World Athletics Federation, as a great achievement for the quality of this event and the value of participation in it. The finish of all the races was the "Macedonia" square, which with this edition has once again become the traditional place for the end of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon.

On the 18th edition of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, the winner in the men's competition is Onesmus Kiplimo Kiplagat with a time of 02:18:19. The second place was won by Dario Ivanovski with a time of 02:23:07, and the podium was completed by Nikola Ilievski with a time of 02:43:28.

In the women's category, Catherine Cherotich reached the finish line first with a time of 02:38:48, Biljana Kiradzhieva finished second with a time of 03:04:49 and Tamara Popov took third place with a time of 03:23:00.

- Wizz Air Skopje Marathon year after year, the awareness of the role of running and sports in maintaining health is increasing, and the proof of this is the more and more frequent runners in the streets who train and prepare for the marathon throughout the year, as and the number of this year's participants, which exceeded 8500. At the same level as the world marathons, - and this year in a morning mood, the asphalt throughout Skopje trembled with the steps of the runners, who come from Macedonia, but also from many countries around the world. I send sincere congratulations to all the winners of all the races, as well as to all the participants and volunteers of the 18th edition of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, you are the inspiration and the heart of this event - said Kire Sinadinovski, director of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon.

The ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union, David Geer, attended this sports event and awarded the prizes to the first place winners of this edition of the marathon.

In the men's competition from the Macedonian competitors, Dario Ivanovski reached the finish line first with a time of 02:23:07, the second place went to Nikola Ilievski with a time of 02:43:28, while Mile Baceski finished in third place with a time of 02: 45:29.

From the female representatives of Macedonia, the first place was won by Biljana Kiradzieva with a time of 03:04:49, the second place belonged to Tamara Popov with a time of 03:23:00, and the third place was Vesna Kiradzieva with a time of 03:44 :09.

The best in the half marathon in men's competition and in the category of Macedonian athletes is Zhan Toshev with a time of 01:11:56, Ivan Peshovski finished in second place with a time of 01:13:24, while the third place went to Atanas Anchevski with a time of 01:13:45. The winner of the half marathon in the women's category and with a new track record is Adriana Pop Arsova with a time of 01:16:12, the podium was filled by Gresa Bakraci from Kosovo with a time of 01:22:54 in second place and Miljana Ristic with a time of 01:28:01 in third place.

In the women's competition from the Macedonian half-marathon competitors, Adriana Pop Arsova took first place with a time of 01:16:12, Miljana Ristic finished in second place with a time of 01:28:01, and Marina Domazetovska finished in third place with a time of 01:33. :54. This year, the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, decorated the winners of the half-marathon with their well-deserved medals.

The winners of the shortest race in terms of length, 5 km, were Grigorian Nikovski in a time of 00:17:00 in the men's competition, second was Jovan Kostovski in a time of 00:17:23 and third was Hristijan Taneski in a time of 00:17:36, while among the ladies the winner Odeta Belegu in time 00:20:07 was joined on the podium by Irma Hajdari in time 00:20:21 and Magdalena Stankovska in time 00:20:36.

Naumce Mojsoski, the president of the Agency for Youth and Sports, awarded the prizes to the best runners of the 5 km race.

- It is a significant success to organize a sports event of this rank, which with this edition is slowly returning the number of participants to before the pandemic. This year we dedicate this marathon in honor of the president of the Sports Union, Gjorgi Kuzmanovski, who, although he left us a few days before the marathon, his dedication, work and role as the main motivator for preserving and promoting sports values, - for every year this event to increase and progress more and more, will be remembered as a unique example for all generations - said Gordana Nikolovska from the Sports Union of Skopje.

The organizers of the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon reminded the attendees of the importance of nurturing the love for running and a healthy life, and at the same time, with a sporting greeting, they thanked and congratulated all the winners and participants, as well as every volunteer of this year's edition of the marathon, whose help every year is irreplaceable and makes a difference in an even more successful organization of this sports event.

Viz Air Skopje Marathon is organized by the Union of Sports of Skopje, in cooperation with Athletic Club "Rabotnicki" from Skopje, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a partner of the marathon, and like every year, this most massive sports event is under the auspices of the City of Skopje , the Delegation of the European Union and the Agency for Youth and Sports.

The traditional awards for the best banner, as well as for the best photo, as part of one of the most fun parts of the marathon, will be finally announced on the official fan page of Wizz Air Skopje Marathon on the social network Facebook.

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