New details about Princess Charlene's health: Here is what hell she went through

Princess Charlene
Princess Charlene and her family / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Due to infection of the respiratory organs, Princess Charlene one Monaco spent more than a year away from the eyes of the curious public, but also from the family, recovering in hospitals in South Africa and Switzerland. Now another detail about her health has been revealed, of which only a few knew.

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According to the magazine "youPrincess Charlene suffered an epileptic seizure last summer, between two sinus surgeries she underwent, which may largely explain doctors' fears of granting her a multi-hour flight from South Africa to Monaco.

Her life turned 180 degrees a year ago when she traveled to her native South Africa on a journey that was originally supposed to last only ten days. But she contracted a bacterium that later wreaked havoc on her body and caused her many health problems, so she was separated from her husband, Prince Albert, and their two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriel, for seven months.

The former Olympic swimming winner was rushed to a hospital in South Africa, after which her fight began, culminating in a mental and physical breakdown after returning to Monaco, where she was placed in a luxury Swiss clinic.


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The epileptic seizure happened to her after she underwent sinus surgery, but also a transplant due to a dental procedure. It was shortly before he fainted and ended up in the emergency room at a hospital in Durban, and according to a source confidential to the said magazine, the operation was extremely grueling and recovery was extremely difficult, which eventually led to an attack.

Charlene was under a lot of pressure from the public at that time, mostly because she could not see her children. Besides, she knew that the whole world was watching her every move, which only increased her stress and extended her recovery time.

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