New details about the murder in Kapistec: Shot with a gun, beaten with a butt, the police are looking for the suspect

Murder in a casino in Kapistec / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Metodij Zdravev

The murdered N.A. (46) from Aračinovo arrived at the casino in Kapishtec together with three others, in a visibly intoxicated state. They played the machines for a while, and then he started arguing and pushing one of the people he was with in the casino. The other two tried to separate them, but the suspect pulled out a gun and shot 46-year-old NA several times, and then hit him several times in the head with the butt of the gun.

The suspected killer escaped, and the police are looking for him.

Murder in a casino in Kapishtec / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Metodij Zdraev

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office announced that a public prosecutor on duty inspected the casino near Mlechen. The body has been handed over for an autopsy, an expert examination of traces and evidence taken from the scene will be carried out, and witnesses of the event will be interviewed. Footage from the object's video surveillance has also been provided.​​

This morning around 8:46 a.m. it was reported to SVR Skopje that in a casino located on Boulevard "Metropolit Teodosij Gologanov" a person shot at N.A. (XNUMX) from the village of Arachinovo, with whom they previously played on the machines in the casino, after which N.A. succumbed to his injuries, the Ministry of the Interior said.

A man was killed in a casino in Kapistec


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