New security measures for referees in Greek football – a policeman in every dressing room


Greek football referees and VAR colleagues held a meeting with the president of the Greek Football Federation, Panagiotis Baltakos, which proposed security protocols for referees. There are seven in total which the Super League will have to implement for all referees starting next season in cooperation with the police.

Greek referees are currently on boycott due to death threats against one of them, so there will be no Super League games this weekend, but the championship could resume soon. The Football Federation of Greece issued a statement after the meeting with the referees in which both sides agreed to introduce new measures to protect the referees at the stadiums.

These are the seven demands of the referees that will soon be implemented in the organization of the matches:

- The delegation of referees will be revoked and no match will be played by the club that shows dissatisfaction with the referees who have been appointed with prior notice.

– A police officer from the sports violence department will always be present in the referees' dressing rooms at all Super League matches.

- The Football Federation will provide the referees with security through private agencies for personal protection, if the referees request it.

– The football federation undertakes to compensate material and any other damage suffered by referees (refers to cases when hooligans came in front of referees' homes and threw Molotov cocktails and stones).

-Stricter sanctions for anyone who attacks judges in any way. The federation will ask FIFA and UEFA to change certain regulations in its statutes.

– Urgent implementation of new procedures for professional referees by the Football Federation of Greece within the Federation, to be fully implemented in the next season.

– The legal team of the Football Federation of Greece will be available to referees and their assistants until June 2024.

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