Novavax will have a vaccine against the new strain omicron in January

Novavax / Photo: EPA-EFE / JIM LO SCALZO

Novavax Inc. announced today that in January 2022 it will be able to begin commercial production of the vaccine against Covid-19, which will be effective against the new strain of the coronavirus - omicron, at a time when it is testing whether its current vaccine works against this variant, transmits Reuters.

The British media reports that laboratory data expected in the next few weeks will show whether the antibodies of people who have previously received the Novavax vaccine can neutralize the new variant, the company said.

Novavax also said it had begun developing an antigen-specific antigen-specific antigen, and would begin laboratory testing of the new coronavirus strain vaccine in a few weeks.

Other manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, have also begun production of a vaccine against Covid-19 that is effective against the omicorn variant of the coronavirus.

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