The new version of ChatGPT will cost $20 per month

Chat gpt/Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

The new virtual interlocutor, ChatGPT, with artificial intelligence that has an answer to every question and finds the solution to every problem, records an ever-increasing rise in the number of users. The startup announced this week that the new commercial version will be available in the next few weeks and will cost $20 per month.The New York Times".

Those who subscribe will have access to this tool even when the load is too high (which is often the case given the large number of users), will receive answers faster, and will have priority to new features and updates.

The ChatGPT subscription will only be available to US users.

The free version of the AI ​​will remain available to all users. OpenAI hopes that subscriptions will be sufficient to sustain the free model.

The creators of the artificial intelligence say that in the future the subscription will be available in other regions.

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