New lawsuit against Depardieu: A designer reported the actor for sexual assault on the set of the movie "Green Shutters"


A new sexual assault complaint has been filed against the French actor Gerard Depardieu, the lawyer said Karin Diriye Dibol.

The legal representative, who is already defending the actress Charlotte Arnaud, the alleged rape victim who filed charges against Depardieu in December 2020, on Friday filed a new lawsuit against the actor at the Paris prosecutor's office for acts such as sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexist insults, reports "Mond".

According to her, the mentioned works date from 2021 and are not out of date, and happened during the filming of the movie "Les Volets verts", directed by Jean Becker.

The woman who filed the complaint, by name Amelie (53), was a production designer on the set.

In a statement to the portal "Mediapar", she stated that the actor made numerous rude comments to her on the set in Paris on September 10, 2021, and then "brutally grabbed her" and "tightened her around the waist and stomach, and then her breasts."

The reported attack was reportedly prevented by the actor's bodyguards.

The investigative site also claims that the actress Anouk Greenber, who condemned the actor's behavior towards women in the press, filed a defamation suit against Beatrice Geisman, Depardieu's lawyer.

Earlier, in 2023, 13 women accused the actor of sexual assault or harassment, according to the journalistic investigation of the French "Mediapar".

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