New tragedy in the Filipovi семеј family: Jelena's mother was behind the wheel in the accident on the bridge "Goce Delчеev"

Car accident near the bridge "Goce Delchev" and a billboard dedicated to the deceased Jelena from Kumanovo / Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

A new tragedy in the Kumanovo Filipovi семејство family. As "Free Press" finds out, in the car accident in which today a pedestrian died on the bridge "Goce Delchev" in Skopje, Behind the wheel of the BMW vehicle was the mother of the deceased Jelena Filipovi - - the girl whose photos on the billboards appeared in front of the Skopje criminal court with an article "I drove drunk and drugged, I killed Jelena."

As "Sloboden Pecat" has learned, a prosecutor from the Public Prosecutor's Office in Skopje inspected and took actions to establish the facts of the tragedy near the bridge Goce Delchev in the center of Skopje.

Initial information is that the accident occurred when BMW car with Kumanovo license plates driven by G.F. (42) hit a pedestrian S.A. (76) who was crossing in the immediate vicinity of the bridge. The body of the deceased will be handed over for autopsy.

Blood and urine were taken from the person driving the white BMW with Kumanovo license plates, to check if there was alcohol or drugs, and the car will be examined.

We tried to contact Gordana Filipovi., But her phone was switched off. Jelena's mother, Gordana Filipovi за for "Free Press" testified about her family Golgotha ​​after her daughter died in a car accident. Her daughter's grave was desecrated and opened, according to police to steal gold jewelry, and according to the mother as a sign of intimidation.

The boy who was driving the car in the car accident where Jelena Filipovic died was found guilty and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by the Skopje criminal court. The driver pleaded guilty to the death of the seventeen-year-old girl, and the family suspected murder until the very end. The father of the dead girl, on the other hand, received an indictment from the Kumanovo prosecutor's office for ordering a murder, ie for intentionally inciting two people to kill three people. According to the prosecution, he did the incitement to avenge the death of his daughter who died in the accident. The defendant, as informed by the Prosecution, in order to commit the crime, used a previous debt of money that he lent to one of the applicants, damaged in the case.

Namely, the defendant lent 50.000 euros to the injured party, on which amount he constantly calculated interest, which increased the debt to the amount of 80.000 euros. Taking advantage of the fact that the injured party owed him money, the defendant in the period from April to August 2021, at various locations in Kumanovo, proposed to the injured party, and then to another person, also damaged, instead of returning the 80.000 debt. euros, to forgive that debt, and at the same time to add another 40.000 euros. In return, he asked the victims to take the lives of the three people. Realizing that they were not acting in accordance with the agreement, the defendant several times, in addition to the money offered to commit the requested murders, started threatening the victims with their own, as well as with the life and body of their family members. The victims refused to commit the murders and reported the case to the police, said the YORSM.

After this, the prosecution extended the detention of Jelena's father for fear that he might escape.


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