New footage from the October 7 attack shows female soldiers surrounded by armed men at a military base in southern Israel.

The video released by the Hostage Families Forum was obtained from the camera of Hamas and other militants.

It shows young women identified as army "observers" – some with blood on their faces – taken by armed men struggling to communicate with them.

The video brought hope to some of the young women's relatives.


"The last time we heard about her was on November 26, a few months ago, from the released hostages who came back and said they had seen her. Nothing since then. There are no signs of life," said Ashley Waxman Bakshi, Agam Berger's cousin who appears in the video with blood on her mouth and wearing a brown T-shirt.

"But we know she's alive." We can feel it. She has a twin sister, she feels it. And there's no reason to believe it isn't. "She should return home alive and on her two legs because she was taken hostage and is not seriously injured," adds Berger.

On October 7, Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups launched an offensive that swept into southern Israel, killing around 1.200 people – mostly civilians – and kidnapping around 250 people.

About half of those hostages have since been released, most in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel during a weeklong ceasefire in November.

Israel says around 100 hostages are still being held in Gaza, along with the bodies of around 30 others.

In response to the October attack, Israel launched its war in Gaza, which has killed at least 35.000 Palestinians, according to figures released by the Gaza Health Ministry, which does not distinguish between fighters and civilians.

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