New generation ULTRA fuels, with Dual Action Technology


Makpetrol AD as a socially responsible company and a company that cares to meet the needs of its valued customers is always in step with the latest technical and technological progress in the application of the latest additives to improve the characteristics of fuels both exploitative and protective character of the vehicle as and the environment.

In cooperation with one of the largest manufacturers of additives in the world - Afton Chemicals, Makpetrol AD ​​in our already recognizable ULTRA brand of fuels started applying the latest generation of additives that are recommended for the latest models of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines and are adapted and older systems that take care of all our users without exception.

The new generations of modern gasoline and diesel engines require modern motor fuels, and their development must follow the following directions:

• reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency;
• ensures consistency of performance and protection of the engine throughout its operation;
• Reducing emissions and the negative impact of fuel use on the environment.

New, innovative and enhanced cleaning technology - Dual Action Technology developed by Afton Chemicals, integrated into an intelligent molecular structure of additives, provides an almost perfect cleaning and engine protection effect even after using just one full ULTRA fuel tank . The result is the creation of optimal conditions in the engine, which means continuous power and efficiency. The higher degree of protective effect of the additive ensures that the designed capabilities of the engine are maintained throughout its operation at an optimal level, in turn reducing fuel consumption (by more than 4%) and emissions of harmful combustion products (and up to more than 10%), improves operational reliability, driving economy and reduces service costs for the user.

The new generation of ULTRA fuels based on Dual Action Technology guarantees complete cleaning and protection against the formation of valve deposits / injectors and improved protection against their wear and corrosion. The lubricating component that is part of the additive prevents wear of the moving parts of the engine intake, spray and combustion system, making the vehicle engine run calmer and quieter.

ULTRA motor fuels have been tested and are fully compatible with all modern exhaust filtration and cleaning systems installed in vehicles today.

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